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Welcome to is 100% sales, 100% local, and 100% focused on taking the guesswork out of recruiting sales reps. Unlike traditional job boards, has created an easy-to-use platform that allows Employers and Recruiters to connect with hundreds of active and passive candidates without having to sift through a stack of unqualified, and often non-sales Resumes. Our pricing is more than competitive, our technology is cutting edge and our customer service is exceptional.
Top 3 Reasons to Choose
Job bulletins are sales only, localized, and industry-specific which significantly increases the quality of applicants.
Sales reps use profiles, not Resumes to apply for jobs. This allows Employers to quickly filter, screen, and eliminate unqualified candidates.
Employers have the ability to save relevant search criteria triggering email notifications when new sales reps join our community or express interest in their job bulletin.
What Employers are saying:

Human Resource Manager,
Propelex Business Solutions,
Local Sales Reps is far superior to any other resource I've used to recruit local sales talent. Keep up the great work.
What Sales Reps are saying:

Matthew Wright,
Sales Rep,
Guys, you absolutely nailed it. Local Sales Reps is the perfect place for sales reps like me to showcase their talent and connect with local Employers.